Somaliland detains head of Universal TV in Hargeisa Town


The police in the breakaway Somaliland on Saturday arrested Hargeisa bureau chief of Universal TV, the region’s Media Watchdog confirmed.

Sources confirmed to Somaliland’s Human Right Centre that Mohamed Aabi Digaale was arrested for a news report broadcasted by the London Based Television in early this month.

Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) said Digaale was arrested by the police without court warrant.

Chairperson of SOLJA, Mohamoud Abdi Jama has called for the immediate release of the journalist.
Somaliland government has not commented on the arrest the journalist.

Separately, Somaliliand administration arrested Abdirisaq Ismail Hassan who is a licensed lowyer.

Hassan was subsequently brought before military court which remanded him into custody.

Somaliland has been detaining individuals suspected of criticising the administration or expressed their views.

Naema Ahmed Ibrahim, a female poet was arrested on 27th January this year for alleged Facebook post on unification of Somalia.

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